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Regional Preliminaries

We are so excited to offer a new path to the Ms. USA World Universal stage!!!

Regional preliminaries will be launching in the Spring of 2023 all over the country.  If a preliminary is not currently in your state, you can still apply to the national pageant as an at-large contestant.

Regional Directors

Ashley Hendricks

Traci Hunnewell-Byno

Qiana Maye

South Atlantic

Washington, DC

  • Maryland

  • DC

  • Deleware

  • Virginia

  • West Virginia

  • North Carolina

  • South Carolina

  • Georgia

  • Florida


Dallas, TX

  • Texas

  • Oklahoma

  • Louisiana

  • Arkansas

West Regional

Phoenix, AZ

  • Arizona

  • Nevada

  • Utah

  • New Mexico

  • Colorado

  • Idaho

  • Wyoming

  • Montana



Nashville, TN

  • Tennessee

  • Kentucky

  • Mississippi

  • Louisiana

Temi Oshomoji

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