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Why World Universal?

Our 3 Pillars

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World Universal is a unique organization that celebrates EVERYONE! We seek to provide a platform and events where all women are represented and supported. Our events are open to people of all gender identities, heights, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, orientations and identities. Your marital or parental status is also not a factor. We truly accept you for who you are.

Diversity and Inclusion

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World Universal accepts people through the Universal language of Love.  We seeks to lift up and empower people and together we can make a better world. To support this mission, World Universal  works with multiple charities globally from helping women who have experienced domestic violence, to LGBTQ youth, to ocean conservancy and Cancer research.


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World Universal seeks to provide a safe environment where people from all walks of life can feel supported and celebrated. Our brands are built on giving a platform to those who have been rejected or not truly seen by other organizations. Your World Universal family is always on your side, and this is your chance to shine.


About Us: Testimonials

Akela Douglass
National Director

Akela is a former Ms. USA World Universal 2021 and Ms. World Universal 2021.  She has over 20 years of pageant experience and is excited to grow an organization that she loves so much.  She strives to create an experience where all women feel welcomed, connect with their new sisterhood, and most importantly


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